The Thrill of the Chase?

Jed’s eyes glazed over. He sat up straight as he pulled his stomach in. Dennis looked surreptitiously behind him and spotted Nadine through the window. She was leaning elegantly against the wall, phone in one hand, and a glass of Prosecco in the other. Jed’s eyes narrowed as he picked up his pint. It was empty again.

It was Den’s shout so he made his way over to the bar. This obsession of Jed’s with Nadine was doing his head in. She showed no romantic interest in him at all. He was also drinking too much. Just one more he said, but it never was.

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The Missing Christmas Cake


Too big to fail? Well here is the truth. It started a month or two before Christmas and nobody knew until it was too late. One hacker, who to this day, remains at large and whose identity has never been known,  single handedly brought down the giant Amazon.com. It was thought by some his intentions were benign but somewhat misguided. To others, however, he was evil incarnate. But was it even a person? We may never know. Some maintain that out of control Artificial Intelligence was responsible, or maybe the Chinese.

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The Birthday Present


Yesterday was a bad day. Mum was late. This was my fault. I got up early but I needed to sort out my cars. I have fifty four cars, I can tell you how many of each colour and the make but then this story would be too long. Mum asked me too many questions about things to take to school so I put my hands over my ears and didn’t look at her. She started to shout so I counted the cars again. She shouted louder. Then she tried to hug me and I wriggled away. I started screaming and then Mum made a sad face again. We did a High Five when she said goodbye to me at the school gate. Mum loves me.
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The Old Grange

tudor house

Sybil was having a bad day and although she understood the mood of the Old Grange, it was tedious of it to be so petulant and uncooperative. She loved the house and despite its sulking she was determined it needed more than her love and devotion after all these years that had passed in her absence. She was back and to her distress the Grange was suffering  badly from a lack of care and attention. It deserved better.

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I Wish- A Short Rhyme

A muddled jumble gath’ring dust
And cobweb littered spaces.
A storage place of scattered things,
And half remembered faces.

A million facts or maybe less*,
But filed in random nooks.
Memories and words galore,
Most gleaned from many books.

They hit the page in order
Well, usually more or less!
It sometimes even makes some sense;
Not always, I confess.

Is it just an ageing thing,
My mind is such a mess?
Just penning these few paltry lines
Has caused me so much stress!

Painting walls, and sanding wood,
I really wished I’d time,
To write an entry for this month
And not just this short rhyme.

*(fewer, but poetic licence rules OK)

Plan B


Michael loved Jenny from the moment they met. It sounds trite but that’s how it was. She was his soulmate, his rock. They married, had two children, started a business and yes, despite some hard times, they built a comfortable and an absorbing life together. Until now. Like many men, he was not skilled at self-reflection or introspection. Something was wrong. He felt weary, emotionless and empty, and the only solution was to run.
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The Ballad of Brave Monty Mouse

Harvest mouse 2

Part One: Danger

Alone at night, and on the prowl,
How they fear this wise old owl.
The mice stay quivering in the nest,
How can they feed or take a rest?

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