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Some of my readers may remember the Ballad of Brave Monty Mouse from the early days of My Telegraph. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this small rodent, well done! But he does amuse small children and even some of their parents,  so thank you, Monty for being the inspiration for this story.


Aloft at night, and on the prowl,
Softly glides this wise old owl.
The mice stay quivering in the corn,
How can they feed before the dawn?

A brilliant Harvest moon shone bright over fields of ripening grains waiting to be safely gathered in. To the small harvest mice, their small tummies distended with the results of their foraging, replete and snug in their nest, it was also a time of danger. But not tonight. They sensed the faint whisper of wings as the owl glided low over the ripe grains but with such a bountiful harvest they did not need to feed just yet. They slept contented but only Monty, their brave leader, contemplated the dangers ahead.



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The mice had gathered nuts and seeds
To cater for their winter needs.
They slumbered in the fragrant hay
And woke alert on Christmas Day.

They’d found a perfect place to stay,
A stable where a manger lay:
Warm and safe with room to spare
And nothing to disturb them there.

The choir sang joyous, loud and sweet,
The mice enthralled enjoyed the treat.
Paws clasped together, small hearts rose
The little ones stood on their toes.

A robin sang, and bells were pealing,
Monty’s eyes rose to the ceiling.
High above the owl was sitting,
Eyes half closed and as was fitting

At this time of peace to all
Had taken time to pay a call.
On silent wings he soared away
Whilst hooting Happy Christmas Day.

Images from here and here with grateful thanks.

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Ode to a Strawberry Roan

A flighty filly, highly strung,
Prone to sudden shies.
The dogs attack, in fun no doubt,
In gleeful barking cries.

The hounds close in, she tossed her mane,
And in a sudden rush,
Her rider landed, winded now,
Into a handy bush


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The flowers are irrelevant but thought they’d brighten up the site.

Now I know that I have been foolish in the extreme, but boredom with The Telegraph, forced me to peruse the Guardian. Yes, I know, I should have known better, but I did discover this article here.

Since the reform of the Sickness Benefit system, whereby the medical profession were not deemed suitable to assess the fitness or otherwise of claimants, this has now been computerised with a points system in place. (more…)

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Of daffodils
An irresistible renewal
Joyous hope: life affirmed

Poetry Competition

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Mid afternoon, and a resounded crash from the direction of the kitchen. I rushed from the sitting room, flung open the kitchen door; just outside, a bird of prey atop a dead pigeon. I can only imagine that the very dead victim had crashed into the door in a desperate attempt to flee from the bird of prey.


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